Air Traffic Solutions

We offer the most enhanced integrated air traffic solutions for civil, military and other applications.


Communication Systems

The ICS 200/60 voice communication system by Schmid Telecom Zurich is a reliable and widely used solution for air traffic control, airport ground services, and coast guard applications worldwide.

It offers flexibility in hardware options, allowing customers to choose between specific Schmid Telecom Zurich hardware or pure IP-based COTS equipment. The system is fully compliant with EUROCONTROL, EUROCAE VoIP ED-137, and ICAO standards. With backward compatibility and the ability to mix different generations of hardware, customers can easily upgrade their systems while ensuring smooth operations. The system features distributed installation, seamless networking, remote access, and scalable voice processing power, making it suitable for various operational needs.

It supports secure communication, remote tower operation, and fast reconfiguration for efficient air traffic management.

Radar Solutions

Civilian Radar Systems

The ASR-MSSR Radar is an indigenous Airport Surveillance Radar compliant with ICAO and EUROCONTROL standards.

It is suitable for defense and civil ATC applications, offering an ASR range of 80 NM for a 2 sq m RCS.

With features like GaN-based SSPA, adaptive MTD, weather channel processing, and CAT240 video display, it ensures accurate tracking and monitoring.

The MSSR component is upgradable to Level 5, with a range of 256 NM and configurable options.

The radar system includes primary antennas, redundant receivers, signal processors, an RCMS for control, a record and replay system, and a Radar Controller Work Station with advanced display features.


Message Handling Systems

Aeronautical Message Handling Solutions (AHMS) are comprehensive software systems designed to efficiently manage and process aeronautical messages within the aviation industry.

AHMS streamlines the transmission, reception, and distribution of critical messages, such as flight plans, weather updates, NOTAMs, and other operational information. These solutions enable seamless integration with various communication protocols and networks, ensuring reliable and secure message exchange between airlines, air traffic control, airports, and other relevant stakeholders.

AHMS enhances operational efficiency, reduces manual errors, and supports real-time collaboration, ultimately improving overall safety and effectiveness of aeronautical communications.

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