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Border Surveillance Systems

Border Surveillance Systems

Border Surveillance System (BOSS) provides all weather surveillance for day/night monitoring of Border areas. It consists of Battle Field Surveillance Radar (BFSR) and Electro-Optical (EO) sensors (Day/ night cameras, eye-safe LRF and geo location sensors) mounted on the Pan-Tilt platform powered with renewable energy source.

Salient Features:
- Automatic Motion detection
- Remote operation capability
- 20 km (wired & wireless) - On-site recording (14 Days) - Networkable - Equipped with Hybrid power source (15 days backup)

Battlefield Surveillance Radar

Battlefield Surveillance Radar – Extended Range (BFSR-XR) is a man portable, battery powered state-of the-art Pulse Doppler Surveillance Radar capable of automatically detecting and displaying a diversity of moving targets such as pedestrians, group of men, vehicles, tanks, low flying Helicopters, etc.

Salient Features:
- Light weight, man portable and fast deployment
- Operates 24 hours a day and under all weather conditions
- User-friendly menu driven interface based on Windows XP
- Instrumented range upto 30 km
- J-band Pulse Doppler Radar with Built In Test Equipment (BITE)
- Track while scan of up to 99 targets
- Low probability of intercept with low peak power
- High resolution, colored, north oriented radar picture displayed on portable PC

Electro Optical Sensors

The Optic and Laser Systems offer a range of high-performance tools for various applications.

The lightweight laser range finders provide accurate distance, azimuth, and elevation measurements instantly, with an impressive range of up to 20 km. These systems are invaluable to the army and navy for effective target engagement.

Offered are also advanced night vision systems utilizing uncooled thermal imagery technology. These compact and lightweight systems provide clear vision in low-light conditions, with a maximum resolution of 640x480. The products are rugged, featuring exterior powder coating and composite non-breakable material.

Additionally, Gas Chromatograph-based electronic-nose vapor detectors are provided.

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