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Public Security Systems

Cyper Security Sytsems

Enhance your organization's cybersecurity with the comprehensive suite of solutions and services.

The advanced data diode technology ensures a unidirectional flow of information, protecting against unauthorized access and data leakage.

Safeguard your sensitive data with the secure storage solutions, offering robust encryption, access controls, and reliable data backup. Our expert team provides security architecture conceptualization and consulting, designing a tailored framework aligned with your business objectives and regulatory compliance.

Additionally, our information security audits evaluate your IT infrastructure, policies, and procedures, identifying vulnerabilities and providing actionable insights for enhanced protection.

Strengthen your defenses and achieve peace of mind with our trusted cybersecurity solutions.

Surveillance Systems

Integrated Closed Circuit Television Surveillance Systems (CCTV) in different configurations as per user requirements.

- Analog CCTV System
- IP based CCTV Syste
- Thermal Imaging CCTV System
- Wireless CCTV System
- Intelligent Content Analysis

System Components:
- CCD Camera
- Lens
- Monitor B/W or Color of Different Size
- Pan / Tilt / Zoom (PTZ) Unit
- Pan /Tilt/ Zoom Controller
- Combiner - Quad Splitter / Video
- Switcher / Channel Multiplexer
- Outdoors Housing Case With Mounting
- Bracket Signal Transmission Media -
- Coaxial Cable / Ground Loops / Fiber-optic Cable
- Other Accessories - Video Amplifier, Time & Date Generator, Powered Cable

Other Security Systems

Any Homeland Security Systems are provided like Cell Phone Jamers to block and paralyze cell phone operations, Power Fences, Radio Frequency Instrusion Detection Systems, Explosive Detecors, Non-linear Junctiopn Detecotrs, Under Vehicle Scanning Systems, Automative Boom Barrier & Flap Barrier Systems, Road Blockers, Tyre Killers, Turnstiles and X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems.

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