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Surveillance Radars

The 3D Tactical Control Radar is state-of-art medium range Surveillance & Tracking radar designed to effectively play the role of medium range surveillance radar mounted on a mobile platform. The radar operates in S-band and is capable of Track-While-Scan [TWS] of airborne targets up to 90 kms.

FEATURES - 3D State of the art medium Range Surveillance and Tracking Radar.
- TWS of airborne Targets up to 90 Kms.
- ECCM features - Side-lobe blanking, Frequency agility and Jammer analysis.
- Integrated IFF Mk XI with extractor & co-mounted antenna.
- Configured in two TATRA vehicles one for radar and second for power source.
- Fully automated and controlled from Radar Console with user friendly GUI.
- Dedicated and exhaustive on-line BITE facility.
- Facility for training controllers, operators & technical crew.
- Facility for automatic transmission of data to Target Data Receiver (co-located with weapon system) up to a distance of 20 Km from radar using optical line, wire line and secure VHF radio set.
- Data remoting of Tracks and plots over LAN to external networks - up to 500 m.
- Facility for Remote control and diagnostic testing of the system from a distance of 100 meters.

Fire Control Radars

The all weather low-level Air Defence Weapon Control system is a combination of Radar, Computer and Display that deals with the threat of hostile ECM protected air missions at tree top level. It is a highly mobile land based autonomous search cum track radar which meets the ever increasing threat from low flying high-speed aircrafts. It has all weather capability with timely detection, very accurate and unambiguous tracking, fast prediction of lead angles and built in counter-counter measures.

- Early detection and fast acquisition.
- Air Search in ‘I’ band and acquisition in ‘I’ & ‘Ka’ bands.
- Dual Band ‘I’ and ‘Ka’ - tracking.
- Computer assisted parallax calculation and ballistic data generation.
- Track While Scan up to 3 targets.
- Color Raster Scan Display with PPI and TV picture.
- Tactical map presentation through Data Input Unit.
- Communication between system operator and gun.
- Built in ECCM.

Weapon Locating Radars

The advent of long range weapon systems and mechanization of land forces have extended the area of operations much beyond the visual range. Deployment of electronic surveillance devices in the battlefield will serve as a force multiplier to enhance the combat potential of our forces and optimize the effectiveness of our weapon systems.

Weapon Locating Radars (WLR) have been primarily designed to locate hostile guns, mortars and rockets causing interference to the progress of our operation. WLR, in its secondary role, can track and observe the fall of shot from own weapons to provide corrections to own fire. A large quantum or artillery deployed on a wide front, coupled with movement of aerial objects, weather and ground clutter, presents a high density returned conflicting signals on the radar screen. These conflicting signals have to be processed in the real time and extract required information for gunners to complete their mission successfully.

Detection, location and tracking of the requisite targets is handled by the advanced algorithms and state-of-the-art hardware. The ability to locate enemy weapons from its round and transmit the data of the required target to the counter fire elements for retaliatory strike before the target is redeployed is the key feature of the radar.

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