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Counter Drone Systems

Introducing the Counter Drone System, a state-of-the-art solution designed for real-time search, detection, tracking, and neutralization (Soft/Hard Kill) of flying drones (Micro/Small UAVs) within designated areas of responsibility.

This advanced system provides detailed object information, including optical/thermal imagery and RF spectrum display on a user-friendly GUI.

Detection of drones is accomplished using radar and RF-based systems, while target identification utilizes EO sensors and COMINT technology. Soft-kill measures are executed through RF jamming and Anti-GNSS technologies, while the Hard Kill capability is provided by a Laser Directed Energy Weapon system.

Choose the Counter Drone System for effective real-time surveillance, detection, and neutralization of unauthorized drone activities, ensuring the safety and security of your area of responsibility.

Border Surveillance Systems

Introducing the Border Surveillance System, designed to provide all-weather, day and night surveillance of border areas. It combines the power of the Battle Field Surveillance Radar with advanced Electro-Optical sensors, including day/night cameras, eye-safe LRF, and geo-location sensors. These sensors are mounted on a Pan-Tilt platform, powered by a renewable energy source.

Key Features:
• Automatic motion detection for real-time threat identification.
• Remote operation capability up to 20 km, both wired and wireless. • On-site recording for up to 14 days of data storage. • Networkable for seamless integration with existing security infrastructure. • Equipped with a hybrid power source for up to 15 days of backup power.

Trust the Border Surveillance System to provide robust and reliable surveillance for enhanced border security in all environmental conditions.

Defence Radar Systems

Introducing the comprehensive range of radar systems tailored for defense applications.

The ground surveillance radars offer precise monitoring and protection of critical areas, ensuring enhanced situational awareness. Air defense radars provide early warning and accurate threat tracking, bolstering defense operations. With the air traffic control radars, airspace management becomes efficient and secure, enabling smooth aircraft movement. Fire control radars deliver precise targeting for effective engagement of airborne and ground-based threats. Weapon location radars detect and locate enemy artillery and rocket systems, enhancing situational awareness. Finally, the secondary surveillance radars enable accurate aircraft identification and monitoring.

Experience unmatched defense capabilities with the cutting-edge radar systems.

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