Counter Drone Systems

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Counter Drone Systems

Counter Drone Systems

The Counter Drone System is capable of performing real time search, detection, tracking and neutralization (Soft/ Hard Kill) of the flying drones (Micro/Small UAVs) in area of responsibility and will provide object details (Optical / Thermal) and RF spectrum display on GUI.

The detection of drone will be done with the help of Radars and RF based detection system. The identification of the target will be done with the help of EO sensor and COMINT (Communications Intelligence). The soft-kill will be executed by RF jamming & Anti GNSS technologies. Laser Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) system will perform the Hard Kill.

Salient Features:
- Counter Drone system comprises of the following systems
- RADAR System
- Drone detection and tracking
- EO System
- CCD, IR camera with LRF for detection and tracking of Drone target
- RF Counter Drone System
- Drone communication channel RF Detection & Jamming, GPS Jamming / Spoofing System (Soft Kill)
- Laser Directed Energy Weapon System (Hard Kill)
- Command & Control Centre (C3) with Power Source for complete System

Multiple Sensor Solution

The “Counter Unmanned Aircraft System - Hard Kill (CUAS-HK)” provides a ‘Multi Sensor based comprehensive solution’ to tackle Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) like UAVs, Drones etc. The System “detects, tracks, identifies, designates and neutralizes” Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) threats. CUAS-HK has the Capability to enforce effective UAS No-Fly zones by intercepting identified threats while inflicting minimal collateral damage to the surrounding environment.

CUAS-HK provides the Operator a “Composite Air Situation” as well as tools for managing responses. Neutralization of UAS is affected through Soft Kill and /or Hard Kill options.

Drone Detection Radar

Drone Detection Radar (DDR) is an FMCW based Radar designed to detect and track mini and micro class Drones/UAVs. The product delivers a complete surveillance solution (Search & Track) to threats from Drones/UAVs.

The transmitted power is very low and hence LPI (Low Probability of Intercept) Capable. Due to its LPI capability, it is extremely difficult for intercept receivers to correctly identify the Radar parameters and Radar type. Its high processing gain and good range resolution enables very low RCS target detection. DDR can also prompt other sensors like EO & Laser to take countermeasures against the threat by providing target range, azimuth and elevation.

It is capable of monitoring a designated airspace day and night in all weather conditions. It is easy to deploy and can be carried in a backpack and hence man portable.

- 3D Radar - Digital Beam Forming in Elevation - Low Probability of Intercept - Detection Capability of Mini and Micro Drones - 360 Deg Coverage - Portable and Battery Operated.

“Intelligent by design”

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