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Freedom of Communication.

55 years of experience

Schmid Telecom Zurich is a global leader in voice communication systems used in air traffic control with loyalty to customers in the tradition formed by the Schmid family since 1967.

Schmid Fernmeldetechnik was founded on July 3, 1967. The family owned business has been grown over 55 years and reorganized several times to adapt to the needs. Due to the internationalisation, it was also called Schmid Telecommunication. It was changed to Schmid Telecom AG on June 20, 1991 and finally to Schmid Telecom Zurich on February 13, 2017 operational today.

A company with a future

Air traffic volume is continuously growing throughout the world. The complexity and responsibilities of air traffic control centres are increasing accordingly. Voice communication is still one of the most important tools on which thousands of air traffic controllers rely on in there daily business. Schmid Telecom Zurich is aware of this large responsibility and has developed a high reliable, redundant communication platform especially for the needs in air traffic control.


Innovation is a key factor within Schmid Telecom Zurich. Communications techniques as well as procedures in air traffic management are in a change process. The large experience with several hundred installed systems all over the world enabled the development of a good platform.

In addition the long-term, operational usage in the filed and high operational satisfaction best prove the reliability of the systems – worldwide.


Together with steady analysis of the customer’s demands as well as active participation in standardisation bodies enables Schmid Telecom Zurich best to adapt and extend the voice communication platform to the customers needs. This includes integration of the latest standards in communication as well as communication features to manage air traffic in an efficient and smooth manner.


The applications range from large area control centres, over international airports, control towers, remote towers to mobile shelter based systems. The platform is fully scalable and can be tailored to the customer specific needs.


Many well-known control centres in the world rely on Schmid Telecom Zurich’s infrastructure and competence. They have made a conscious decision to put their trust in our experience, our concern for security, and the technical innovation of our solutions – a decision with vision.


Schmid Telecom Zurich is partnering with a large aerospace and defence company to enhance its product portfolio in the area of defence and non defence solutions.


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The high availability of the hardware and software is a matter of intelligent by design, proven by steady availability. Schmid Telecom Zurich is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

“Intelligent by design”

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