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Partner Assignment

We are partnering with a large aerospace and defence company to enhance their exports and our product portfolio in the area of defence and non defence solutions.

Zurich, September 14, 2023


Upgrade for you

We are offering for your operational ICS 200/60 systems a new VoIP kernel to smoothly upgrade and become fully compatible with the latest VoIP standards in the most economic way, without interfering with the on-going operation. The ICS 200/60 is a full VoIP solution according to ED-137 with the advantage that the proven ICS 200/60 legacy components can be operated in parallel.

Zurich, June 1, 2023


Your Needs

By actively participating in trade fairs, we can meet and exchange ideas. Feel free to contact us anytime. We are available for you.

Zurich, May 25, 2023


Legal Rectification

Please note that the information provided on the websites and are incorrect and misleading. False information is distributed and appears under the name of BCG Capital, Comsuisse or Schmid Telecom Singapore. The involved have neither rights nor knowledge. We dissociate ourselves from any activities of the fictitious acting companies and the persons related to it.

Zurich, May 25, 2023

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