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Radar Display

The Radar is equipped with the following major subsystems:

- Primary Antenna having Co-sequent squared Antenna Beam Pattern (Dual Feed) with Linear & Circular Polarization.
- GaN Based Solid State Power Amplifiers having feature of graceful degradation of up to 10%.
- Dual Redundant Radar Receiver & Signal Processor with high density FPGA & COTS Hardware of latest technology.
- Dual Redundant MSSR Mk XII-A System having LVA Antenna co-mounted with Primary Antenna for Aircraft code identification & Height
- RCMS (Radar Control & Monitoring Station) for control and status indication of the Radar sensors with distinct features including track capacity up to 1000 tracks.
- Record & Replay System with NTP time stamp for synchronization.
- Radar Controller Work Station (CWS) with specific display features like ATC routes, weather map, geographical map, Target label display under tracking and Facility to edit and display of user defined primitives (Border & Coastline maps, prohibited, restricted, danger areas, runway, fixed points map, airways etc.)

Airport Surveillance Radar

Surveillance Radars

ICAO Compliant Indigenous ASR-MSSR (Airport Surveillance Radar - Mono-pulse Secondary Surveillance Radar) Radar.

Salient Features:

- Defence and Civil ATC Applications
- ASR Range: 80 NM for 2 sq m RCS
- RPM (15/7.5)
- ASR Transmitter GaN Based SSPA
- Fully coherent Adaptive MTD
- Weather Channel Processing.
- CAT240 Video on CMS Display
- MSSR Mk XII-A Mode S level 2 (Upgradable to level 5) Range: 256 NM Configurable for Standalone MSSR
- Co-mounted and standalone MSSR.


Weather Radars

The Weather Radars are a state-of-the-art to systems to meet your weather forecast requirements. It enables a network of Weather Radars to seamlessly cover the entire country and thereby ensure effective detection of severe weather conditions, cyclone warning and appropriate weather forecasts. Dual polarimetry is implemented for effective rain estimation and hydrometeor classification.
This radar provides long range weather surveillance up to 500 kms. It operates in S-band and is capable of detecting and estimating the parameters of cyclone and other severe weather conditions. This Radar can forecast severe weather conditions so that necessary preventive steps could be taken to alleviate the impact of such natural disasters in terms of loss of life and property.
Dual Polarimetric capability has been incorporated for effective rainfall estimation. This coherent radar estimates three weather base products like, reflectivity (Z), mean velocity (V) and spectral width (σ) in single polarization mode. In Dual Polarisation mode, the radar estimates additional base products like, Differential Reflectivity (Zdr), Differential Phase Shift (φdp) and Correlation Co-efficient (ρ). Various primary & secondary weather data products for meteorological & aviation applications are generated using these base products.

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