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Schmid family

Schmid Fernmeldetechnik was founded by Paul Schmid in 1967. First only focussed on the Swiss market with its key customers the PTT (today called swisscom) and  the Radio Schweiz (today called skyguide) a steady growth was achieved. Subsequently the company was changed by the year 1991 to Schmid Telecom AG.

Thanks to the globalization opportunities the company grabbed the tremendous chance to expand worldwide. Therefore Peter Schmid has founded the Schmid Telecom Holding AG by the year 2000 and expanded the company globally.

Meanwhile Schmid Telecom AG and Schmid Telecom Holding AG are being liquidated.

Early 2017, Schmid Telecom Zurich was founded by Peter Schmid as an independent new company. The future is based on our know-how.

With our strong management and our global experienced team we are keen to continue to serve your needs.

You as a customer shall receive the best treatment from our group.

Thank you for your trust.

Your advantages

As an air navigation service provider, you have the responsibility to ensure the highest reliability.

To assist you in this need, Schmid Telecom Zürich offers you three different customer service levels for your communication services.

You have the choice between the "Basic", "Comfort" or "Full" level with the following services:

  •  Knowledge keeping
  • Spare parts availability

  • Helpdesk support 24/7
  • Remote support (Trouble shooting)
  • Remote support (Reconfiguration)
  • Onsite support (Trouble Shooting)
  • Onsite support (Reconfiguration)
  • Repair services

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